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Dji specific workflow doesn't accept images

I use the same images I always took but now give me error: "DJI_0578.JPG pointing at 0 - The camera needs to be pointed between -90 degrees and -50 degrees (40 degrees up from nadir). Images pointing higher are not accepted. Please remove the horizon shots from your dataset."

But I'm sure images are nadiral. Maybe changed something in Mini 2 firmware?

I link a sample image

Thank you!

Fabio Giacomazzi

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We recently added a check to make sure images are pointing downward since people seemed to be having such a hard time with that part of our Data Collection guidelines... 

For some reason, the Mavic Mini 2 appears not to populate the gimbal roll, pitch and yaw numbers in the tags and they are left as zeros. 

It seems you have already found the workaround.

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