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I had a Question about the Business app. I have a mapping job I am getting ready to do so I purchased the Business app. I had previously used Agrisoft Metashape to produce some maps using Drone Link and Pix4d. I really like the workflow that you provide and the ability to produce small maps to practice and learn before jumping to larger maps. I did the first test run today with the Map Pilot Business and it worked great. On the Apple store is said that with the Business it says "Process unlimited jobs of up to 400 images (12 megapixels) for free with Maps Made Easy"

The question is will it know when it is uploaded what software was used? The map I did today was under 200 points so I was not able to test it out. I have a 30 acre map I will need to do soon and wanted to get some smaller maps done to practice a bit before I went big. I do not want to waste a bunch of resources playing around with a big map. 


Dave H. 

David Hedrick

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The system does know if Map Pilot was used to collect the data but that is not how the decision is made. To get that full amount of free processing you would have to use the resolution downscaling in Step 2 of the workflow and reduce the resolution to 25%. 

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