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Terrain Awareness - Purchasing on iOS

I've got a couple questions about Terrain Awareness.
- On my first MME mission, I dismissed the Terrain Awareness pop up,  by hitting "Restore".  I've not been able to get this to come back up and tried to find it by logging onto my account on my Mac, but can't seem to find a way of buying this option.  How to do this?

- If I do purchase this, is TA enabled for all subsequent missions, or solely for the mission currently underway?



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The "Restore" button is to be used if you already made the purchase on the same Apple ID on another device. You don't have to pay for features more than once. 

Features purchased in Map Pilot are not reflected in Maps Made Easy since that transaction is between you and Apple. You purchase it in the app when prompted. 

Once purchased there is no limit to the number of TA flights you can do. 

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