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Add an option to Setting for disabling Autofocus for PPK drones

Hi Zane,

I sent a commnet before in other topic but you dont sent answer my new comment on it! this link

Please add an option to disabling Autofocus by user in setting menu and using DJI go4 Manual focus or Autofocus in all of missions in Great Map Pilot.

And please read my this suggestion too for random color for nearby missions! this link

Current Map Pilot 4.1.13 will set automatically Autofocus when the mission is uploading and will make a good Autofocus at maximum flight height above takeoff point. But we are using Phantom 4 pro +PPK system and we need a fixed focus for all of flights in a region.

Please add this capability like ios app to use DJI GO focus setting( AF or MF).



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The answer from the first link was provided 15 days ago. Infinity focus is fine for your application.

The multi color thing would certainly benefit you but your use case doesn't represent the use case of other users very well. If you would like us to implement features specifically for your use case we can send you a quote for the engineering time.

We do not add settings or controls to Map Pilot without it being something we feel would benefit a large portion of our users. Between the autofocus and infinity focus settings all cases for your aircraft are covered.

We absolutely do not want people switching apps in the air. Doing so tends to make aircraft disappear and one of our main goals is to not do that.

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