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Tag Pilot feature not working as mentioned

For the purpose of trying out Tag Pilot app, I have purchased a second-hand IPad mini 2 of iOS version 12 to connect to my Mavic Pro Platinum.

Unfortunately during my first trial on site I realized several features not working. Would appreciate your clarification if there is any setting that I have possibly missed out:

1.  Import of KML line and placemarks into Tag Pilot were visible on the map, but not visible on video feed.

2. New tags could be created on the map, but not possible through the video feed. Even when the new tags were created on map, none was visible over the video screen.

3. The camera footprint or field of view, supposedly green in color, never appear no matter how I adjusted my camera gimbal.


Chung Seng CHIN

Official comment


We are sorry to hear you are having issues with our free app Tag Pilot. It is designed to work with the latest iOS equipment with A10 processors or better. Older equipment will likely have issues. 

Update to Tag Pilot 1.4.3.

Download your terrain data ahead of time to get the video overlay features to show. If you don't have terrain data you won't have the green image footprint. If you don't have the green image footprint nothing is going to work.

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