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Very poor image results

My last processing job was really poor. The image is inconsistent. I have noticed a decline in image quality on the last two projects.  Please redo the last one.

Daniel Halsey

Official comment


We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your results. The processing has remained the same for all of your recent jobs. If there is a decline in the quality of the processing it is likely due to the covered area requiring more overlap or a decline in the quality of the inputs.  

In what way is your most recent job "inconsistent"? You can see that there are quite a few red dots in your Overlap Report. It has a lot of bare trees in it which are very hard to process but there are uncovered areas with the map. Having plenty of overlap likely helped. It is possible to have too much overlap though. We don't recommend doing a full grid flight and then doing the final "victory lap" around the perimeter at the end. It is wasteful and generally causes more issues than it fixes. The backwards and sideways flight images are explicitly warned against in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload. Things would likely turn out a little more consistent in the guidelines were followed a little more closely. 

Your previous job had the full grid of images as well. Just doing a normal mission with 80% overlap is enough for almost anything. There is no need to double back with the perpendicular flight.

Reprocessing the same imagery does not change the outputs. 

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