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Losing nadir gimbal angle during mapping flight

Got back from a mapping flight 2 hours away without checking the images before leaving the site.  Have never had a problem with a Map Pilot mission on 1 and 2 battery jobs and didn't expect surprises on this 6 battery mission.  Started to process the images and found bunches of them looking at the horizon instead of nadir.

I know I could have spotted that while it was being recorded, but shoulda coulda, I was watching the progress view without the camera view.

I had two thoughts about what might have caused the views of the horizon and would appreciate comments/ideas.  On a distant turn around, I occasionally had a low signal warning that may have briefly lost connection with the RC.  I also hit the c1/c2 buttons inadvertently a couple of times during the flight while handling the controller.  I have those buttons set to cycle the gimbal down/up while in Llitchi but didn't think that is a persistent setting picked up in Map Pilot.  I'll check it to see.

Any suggestions about what may have caused the gimbal angle to switch on me?  Looks like it happened more than once during the flight.

Thanks......... Bob R.

Robert Russell

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Pressing C1 or C2 if you have them programmed to go up to level would certainly do it. Since we don't actively use those buttons we don't touch their settings.

The bigger question: why were you not watching the video feed?!?

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