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Flying my phantom 4 pro.

I have been trying for 3 days to get my phantom 4 pro ver 2 to fly with maps made easy. I have tried looking through the get started guide snd the bit that I thought would be useful the opening comments were, “this article is largely out of date” so I did not think I could rely or work with the info provided because I did not know what the effect would be. Is there anywhere where I can get an up to date guide on how to work the drone and the app. I managed to get the drone recognised by the app and got it to fly, but then it just hovered there about 1-2 meters off the ground and did nothing more. I could not work out how to to get it to fly the pattern. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. At the moment I can’t help feeling that my £49 is a bit of a waste of money. But I am sure a lot of my frustration is user error/ignorance, can you direct me to somewhere that will give me up to date information.

Rob Mays

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Make sure that you have all other drone related apps fully closed. If it is hovering a couple of meters off the ground you might want to make sure that it is not in beginner mode as set in DJI's app. You may want to turn off the obstacle avoidance system too since that has been known to stop flights if there are objects that are close to the aircraft when taking off. 

You can look at your CSV log files in the DJI Diagnostics column to see what the issue was or email the affected flight's log file to us to take a look. 

Most of the articles on the site are slightly out of date as far as the pictures go but almost all of the information still applies. 

The stopping 1-2 meters up is not a normal thing and is clearly not how it is supposed to work. SOMETHING is telling it to stop and that something is not Map Pilot. The log file is the easiest place to start. 

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Thanks for coming back to me. I have managed to down load the flight files. I have sent them to you in an email. 

Hopefully you will be able to help me more from there.

Kind regards Rob Mays

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