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overlapping seperate flights

I have a 40 ac mission I want to break up into 10 ac flights and then have one large ortho image created from 4 flights. It is a river corridor about 400 ft wide. Please advise best way to set up flight plan - how much overlap for single flight and how much overlap between 4-10 ac plots?

Was planning on flying around 325ft if that info makes a difference for your answers to above questions.


Claudia Strijek

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4 10 Acre flights sounds about right. You will want a good amount of overlap between the sections. Try for at least 3-4 passes/images worth. 

If it were me I would use the linear flight planning tool and use 6 passes with the along track overlap set to 80% and the across track overlap set to 83%. 

This will give you 6 looks at everything along the path of travel and 4-6 across track which should have good results. 

You should take off from the spot between sections 1 and 2 and at the spot between 3 and 4 to minimize travel/setup time and time between visits to the areas. This leaves the overlap between segment 2 and 3 being the one with the most time between visits so you should use some extra overlap there. 

I would recommend processing each section individually using the downscale by 1/4 option in Step 2 just to verify that it will all work. 


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