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upload problem & a question to clarify your instructions

Hi, I just finished my first test flight and tried to upload files for a test map.
I use DNG as photographing option on my mavic 2 pro. when asked to submit a sample photo, i tried to upload a DNG file. system was hanging forever. so i understand DNG is not acceptable.

Therefore I rendered all images in LIGHTROOM as JPG.
And I uploaded a single JPG file for tags reading.  I received a warning that file is not original, and may be missing tags (? Really? I try to preserve all tags in Lightroom).
Anyway, I uploaded that jpg image and all tags seem to be OK. However - your system says to wait to see file dimensions. And - for 1/2 hr it still waits for a single jpg pixel dimensions. Weird is the word. It says
Width Pixels Please wait...
Height Pixels Please wait...
(I have screenshot of it)

And, since it can't get dimensions, it does not allow me to calculate points, and upload the full set of files.
So, I need to ask - what is wrong with it?  pixel size is most basic info on jpg files, and it is there when i look at properties
If it doesn't work - what kind of file should i use to be successful?

Another thing - you said to avoid photos with horizon. and then you say to upload a reference photo at ground level or close to it..

I flew my mission using app you recommended - DroneLink. It took a photo  right after start - but it is NOT nadir, and shows horizon.
Should such image be used as reference you are asking for? or i need to manually take a nadir photo before starting mission?

On another note  - i am a bit confused. On your site you say that small projects (like i did for my test with only 80 photos) are free. But when i try to upload, it shows me i need points, and after my 500 credit is gone, i need to buy more points. While I don't mind - these are two DIFFERENT approaches. So, what is your policy?  Small ones for free? or a few tests free, with paid points after that, regardless of size?



Derek Galon

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Maps Made Easy only accepts JPG images that have not had the tags altered from how they were created on the aircraft. Lightroom is notorious for mangling the tags which is why you got the warnings you got.

The ground reference image isn't included in the processing of the models. It is just used to get a takeoff location. It is fine to have horizon if the image is on the ground. 

We charge by the megapixel of imagery that is uploaded. The free tier is 64 images for 20 megapixel cameras or 104 images for 12 megapixel ones. You can do as many small free jobs as you want. For larger jobs you pay. This is all noted here:

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Thanks for your prompt response! ( maybe you should include a note about JPG unmodified files on upload dialogue, to avoid more silly questions like mine).

I hope my files will work, as I edit DNG to use possibly best quality images. And I wonder if i can bracket them for HDR editing before upload, or sequence of file numbers will be broken. will have to test it.

Anyway, one thing you did not say is - why the system is waiting to see pixel dimensions of my sample photo, effectively crashing the whole upload process. I can see pixel size in this file's properties, so i am not sure what causes your system to freeze on this...

Thanks again!

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This is noted in a few different places. The reading of the EXIF resolution is something that should happen instantaneously. If it takes longer than 1 second there is a problem. Most people don't collect imagery in DNG and then convert it to JPG because the raw data collection is so much slower. 

As noted in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload:

"EXIF Tags Intact - EXIF tags should not be modifed by 3rd party image processing software. We need all the of the tags the camera originally places in the image files. Photoshop, Photos, Photo Manager and lots of other softwares have been known to corrupt the tags."

The error that shows up in the upload dialog is as follows:

"It appears that this image has been edited using image editing software that is known to overwrite the tags that were initially populated by the camera. There is a good chance that it will not pass all of the tag integrity checks."

This error is shown if the software detects Lightroom, Photoshop, Photos, or any Adobe elements in the tags. We don't test at all with converted DNG images so it is possible you fell into a weird space and the error didn't display properly.



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"I hope my files will work, as I edit DNG to use possibly best quality images."

If you are determined to use .dngs, a workaround is to have the drone take .jpgs along with the .dngs

When you are through editing the .dngs and export them to .jpg, keep the same names and put them in another folder.  Then use exiftool to clone the exif information from the original .jpgs to your edited .jpgs.

Of course do not change the pixel dimensions of the images.

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