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Thank you, I just got your last response. Not sure what happened prior to that.

Sorry for my frustration, I still have a lot to learn in drone mapping.

I have always heard that 75 % overlap is sufficient. Is there any way to rectify my issues without re-flying? 


Thomas Jeter

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75% works when there are not a lot of trees involved. Your area was ALL trees so you really need to use 80+% to get it to turn out. There isn't much you can do to fix this after the fact without reflying the area. 

When flying over trees make sure that the shadow of the aircraft is not falling within the field of view of the camera. If it does, it leads to a sun hotspot that moves with the aircraft which is essentially changing how each figure looks in each image. This is bad for feature matching and leads to failures. Just something else to look out for when recollecting your data.

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