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Map storage questions

I'm fairly new to maps made easy.  I remember something about our maps don't stay on the maps made easy web site indefinably. 

1) Can I pay for a web storage service fee to keep them on Maps Made Easy?

2) Or is there a way to move the maps to another site where I can view them as a layer over google earth just like on the maps made easy site.

I had a couple maps I made a year ago or less and they expired and are gone now. 

Paul Werner

Official comment


1. Not really. The Advanced Outputs that get created with each job expire after 30 days. This is noted in the Map Detail page and in the agreement at the time of upload. These files can be automatically synced to your Box or Dropbox account per the settings in the Account Profile.

2. As long as the web maps are being used they will stick around. Read below. All file downloads you created more than 30 days ago expired. Your web maps have not so the links are still good. 


From our Terms and Conditions:

Data Abandonment

Maps Made Easy offers free processing to users as a means of allowing them to try the service without a requirement for payment. Many of these users create data storage intensive maps and never come back to the site or do anything with the data. In an effort to keep hosting costs down, Maps Made Easy retains the right to delete data it deems to be abandoned.

Abandoned data meets all of the following requirements before deletion:

  • Data was generated using free or promotional points.
  • Data has not been accessed by means of a Maps Made Easy URL request in greater than 3 months.
  • User has not paid for Maps Made Easy processing service via point purchase, points use, or subscription within the last 6 months.
  • User has not logged in for at least 6 months.

Data Expiration

Maps Made Easy provides hosting for the derived data files that are linked to in the "Advanced Output" section of the Map Detail page for 30 days. After this period the data is deleted and cannot be recovered.

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