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The total distance of waypoints is too large

Dear zane, today I did a big mission that include 400ha, so I divided in 2 mission. So, 1 Mission had: 251ha, 120mt heigh,120km, 9m/s, 248min, 12 bat, 5.175img, 20700points, 42GB (The card is a Samsung U3 from 64GB, conectionless, shutter priority and 4.1.6 build map pilot version.   I was moving to try to stay in the middle of the mission, but the forest was too hard, so the unic possibility was flying until some place, some far from the mission area.  The drone had to flight 1.200mt just to return a new flight (at blue point).   After I changed the batteries, and just after charging the new mission, appear the error message about "the total distance of waypoints is too large" the last post I saw it was 2016, but do you have news about what are happening? To resolve in the field, I had to make a new mission in order to continous the mission, then I flight 2 batteries more, but the message appeared again.


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