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Issues Importing KML

Hi there!

So far I haven't had any problems loading KML files into Map Pilot.

I flew areas that have been cut by logging for replanting purposes.

Normally, I load the boundary of the area to be flown (cutblock edge), and the road systems onto one KML file, upload it to Map Pilot, via Email, and it voila! It works just like magic.

However, I was asked to fly a new area that has many small polygons to be flown. Some ranging from 30m x 30m as well as some larger areas. The whole point though is that there are a lot of broken up pieces to be flown. Each 'block' is broken up into separated pieces. 

So, when I load this into Map Pilot, I will only get one 'piece' of the block. Instead of all 5 pieces, for example...

I have tried many different ways to export and import the KML files, but it never loads the entire block... only pieces of it.


I attached a screenshot of one of the blocks. You can see that its broken up by a road. If I loaded that KML file to Map Pilot. Only the chunk that I circled in red would show up.


Please help! I have a lot of these little areas to Map out. But this planning portion has really stopped me from being able to do anything.


Thanks ahead of time!

Cumulo Nimbus

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The answer to this was that Map Pilot does not support <MultiGeometry> elements in KML files. If you move each of the sub elements into their own placemark such that they display individually in Google Earth they will display in Map Pilot. 

This issue tends to occur in certain softwares that generate KMLs or convert other files into KML format.

We will try to add support for this in the future. 

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Please email the KML file to us to test with. It may just take some shuffling of the features in Google Earth. 

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