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Curved Model (not accurate)

I have just processed about 180 images on MME and the returned obj model output is distorted and curved - I can't use it at all... not happy.

The drone take off was from a picnic table but this distortion is not cool - I don't want to spend more credits to reprocess the file but see for yourself on the image attachment - please reprocess at your cost not mine.

Julian Croudace

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We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your results. The issue with the processing is that your data has a skinny southern handle that has very little overlap and then water all along the one edge. 

Overlap report here:

There just isn't enough overlap on the southern portion to have a consistent reconstruction throughout the scene.

As noted in the first item of the Data Collection guidelines which are agreed to at the time of upload the inclusion of water is to be minimized. Having water and low overlap is asking for issues. When there are low overlap situations like this the system optimizes for visible map accuracy instead of elevation accuracy. 

If you had used a wider strip along the water instead of the hatchet shape it might have worked though. 

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done to fix this data set the way it is. It may make sense to run the top part separately since that looks OK (not great on the overlap but OK). The bottom portion barely has enough to stitch at all.

"please reprocess at your cost not mine" is something we gladly do when there is a system issue not a data collection. Reprocessing poor data doesn't fix anything.

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