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Yaw Drift, crooked images, and Orthos - Phantom 4 Pro V2

I'm using a loner drone (P4P, V2) that appears to have a yaw drift issue. The drone stays on course but the gimbal "leaks" to the right. The drift may be as much as 15 degrees off-center from some of the neighboring images. How will this affect the resulting map? Does MME have a built-in tolerance for crooked images? Thanks in advance...

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Yeah. That happens. We wish it didn't but it does on certain models. In the Settings you can go to the bottom advanced section and change the turn mode to Straight. This eliminates the issue but makes the turns happen a lot slower and eats a lot of time. 

It doesn't appear to make too much of a difference in the Maps Made Easy processing though. As long as you are getting plenty of overlap it all sort of evens out eventually. 

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