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Maps without sufficient overlap

I submitted about 70 drone aerial images of treetops that had only about a 20% overlap.

Received only 1 map that has 1 images in it.

Is there a way I can get the map created from the photos even though it doesn't meet your overlap requirements?

If I can, I'll figure out the stitching myself.


Dick Simma

Dick Simma

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The Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload are there for a reason and state that high amounts of overlap should be used. 75% should be considered the minimum because it provides the system with 16 looks at everything in the scene. 

With only 20% overlap the majority of the area is only getting one look while some smaller areas are getting 2 or 4 looks. This is not nearly enough to be able to reconstruct the scene. 

You are not looking for a photogrammetry based solution, you are looking for a image projection or ground intersection based solution which is something we do not currently offer publicly. 

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