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Camera managment

Dear Map Pilot, I´m very satisfied using your api.

I want to know little bit more using differentes parameters from the camera in order to make an efficiently flight on the right time.  To do this I play with the shutter priority to stay the speed and dont have blurry images.  The problem now is to can support me in order to know what happened with my las flight, because the result after process was obtain 2 differents colour.  Our conditions: Inspire 2, heigh 120m, 3,3cm/px, overlap 80/80, speed 12m/s, flat place, winter time (now), little bit bad light, cloudy, 100ha, Shutter priority and 500 exposure time.

The result was 2 bands color. See below:


What do you think happened here?



German Riveros Riveros

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If you left white balance on Auto, that is probably the problem.  It is on Auto by default which is a mistake in my opinion because you will get results like yours.. For DJI craft, it's best to use "sunny", which should be the default in Map Pilot.

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