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can not see map that I uploaded

I uploaded almost 200 photos to a map for a client and cannot see any data.

Can you help with this?

Aerial Imaging Services Of Maine

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It always helps to tell us your username or the name of the job you are talking about so we can look it up. After a bit of digging we found your account. 

As noted in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload the first item warns against including a lot of water:

"Minimize the Inclusion of Water

Always in motion, highly reflective, and transparent, water has a lot of properties that make it hard to render well.

Large areas of open water will not likely process well in any photogrammetric application. While it may turn out well enough in a 2D ortho map, water rarely renders well in the 3D outputs and can add unsavory motion related artifacts. If you must include water in a survey area, try to keep some shore structure in place to give our processing something to hold on to."


The majority of your images were of open reflective water area.

Our processing is based on detecting like-features in adjacent images. Images such as these make that impossible. 

It is sometimes possible to get results with water if the water is clear enough such that features can be seen below the surface and there are minimal reflections. 

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