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Inspire 2 Photo and Flight Path Problems

I’m having serious problems with my drone flight using the latest version of the flight app.  It started with the last software upgrade to ver 4.1.8. We couldn’t get any of our flights to finish due to photo storage errors and bad screen flicker. We upgraded our iPad mini to the 5th generation with 64GB and the A12 Bionic chip. We also upgraded our microSD cards to the SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB V30 HC I U3 A1 cards purchased from B&H Photography to make sure they weren’t fakes. We are using a DJI Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X4S camera and a set max speed of 13mph. This solved our problems for about 6 to 7 flights but are back to photo storage errors on most of our recent flights along with drone flight path errors. The drone with be flying along just fine and then stop following the programed flight path and doing its own thing. We don’t have any other flight apps running in the background and can’t figure out what is going on. Any ideas? I have included some screen captures of the problem from the flight logs to show the problem.


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Robert Duncan

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A couple of suggestions:

Always take off with a freshly formatted SD card (or at least one that doesn't have a ton of data on it).

Turn off Obstacle Avoidance (or at least make sure the optics are properly cleaned). This is likely what is causing the flight to exit. 

Inspect the 'DJI Diagnostics' column of the CSV log files to see what the cause of the programmed flight mode exit is. 

Use 4.1.10 which is actually the latest version as of this post.

Just because a card of from a reputable retailer (is B&H on one of those?) doesn't mean the cards are good for use with DJI cameras. Benchmark benchmark benchmark. Test the cards in DJI Go using the intervalometer set for 2 second intervals. Start it and let it go for 1000 seconds exactly. Check how many files there are. If there is less than 500 the card is the problem.

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Thank you for the quick reply Zane.  We have 4 SD cards we are using and all are formatted before leaving the office for a flight.

I looked at the diagnostics column in the CSV log like you suggested on the two fights we had path following problems and found that on one flight, there was an Aircraft Encoder Error and, in both flights, there was an Aircraft GPS Error so thank you for that tip.

We are using the Map Pilot Business Edition and Apple APP Store hasn’t released the 4.1.10 version yet. It shows up in the standard Map Pilot App but not ours.  When do you think it will be released for the Business version?

As for the SD Card bench testing, we tested the cards when we got them to verify their speed but I went ahead and ran the test you suggested several times on each card and they all passed each time.  

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Ah. Right. There are still some final changes being made and we hope to release Business to 4.1.11 in a week or two. 

We can't really help the imaging errors other than to say if it works in DJI Go it should work in Map Pilot. If you are still getting errors in Map Pilot you may need to slow down the SD Write Speed in the settings. Based on the overlap, height, focal length and sensor parameters we determine a speed at which the aircraft needs to fly to meet the imaging rate specified in the SD Write Speed. 

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