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Missions pausing suddenly and not able to continue

I had a problem last week. I flew a multi battery mission and found that the drone had suddenly got into a stationary hove position at the end at the end of one of the lines. I could not see a way to get the drone to continue the flight. I pressed the return to home button on the DJI phantom 4 remote. It returned and I changed the battery. The app informed me that it was a multiple battery mission and would continue from the last point it had stopped. The drone then returned to the position it had paused at. It flew one line and then when it got to the end of the line adjacent to where it previously paused, it went into a hover state again. It did not continue the mission. I eventually pressed the return to home button on the remote and gave up on the flight, as I did not have enough extra batteries to make up for the time lost during the hover.

any ideas why this would happen and is there a way to “unpause” the mission if this happens again.



william roth

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This usually happens because of the obstacle avoidance system. You can verify this by inspecting the DJI Diagnostic column of the affected log file. 

Also, clean your obstacle avoidance sensors. Flying towards the sun can set the system off. 

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