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Syncing Saved Missions to Cloud?

When saving missions - are they saved to the cloud or only saved locally on my device? If something happens to my iPad and I need to take another out in the field do all the missions automatically sync when logged into the same account?

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When you hit the save button the Mission Plan is saved and can be seen in the Mission Management screen. From there, you can send it to other users if they are using Map Pilot Business via AirDrop or Email.

This utilizes the .mme file format. 

If you turn on Mission Sync in the Maps Made Easy section of the Map Pilot settings you are able to sync all of the missions on the device up to Maps Made Easy. From there they are viewable at or can be synced onto any other device that is logged in using the same Maps Made Easy account. 

Maps Made Easy serves as the central repository for your missions in case something happens to your device. 

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