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fewer images shot than pre-flight shows

I've recently noticed camera storage error messages during programed flights with MME pilot. At first the number of images shot was only a few less than what MME pilot said it would shoot within AOI. Yesterday, however, I flew 11 ac in which close to 200 images should have been recorded but only got around 70. I processed images anyway. The geotif and DEM were complete and I was able to create contours from the data. But wondering how accurate data is now and how the heck with so few images a DEM was still possible?

(I did upgrade SD card to faster write speed and also formatted card prior to flight. Flew mission 3 times and each time got fewer images captured. So clearly there is a problem and will be sending off drone for repair.)

Claudia Strijek

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The DEM is probably okay as long as there was enough information for it to be generated and there aren't big smooth areas devoid of detail (like what happens near trees and along the edges sometimes). 

Your recent flights in Flight Sync have a ton of signal dropouts. These could be because of a hardware issue, poor antenna pointing or RF interference. It is also possible you had another drone related app running at the time.

Had your connection been good, if you updated it to a faster write speed that could be the issue. The slower write speed is the safer thing to do. 

It is always good to check the map at the bottom of the upload page in the DJI specific workflow to make sure the image location dots look correct. 

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