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"Set Exposure Mode Failed"

Experienced mapping pilot here with P4P but have no radiometric or Inspire experience.  Have accepted a small contract mapping job flying a rental Inspire 1 with XT-R camera.  Did some trial flights and can get IR photos with manual control in Litchi and DJI GO, but when I try to run an autonomous mapping flight with Map Pilot, it throws an error message "Set Exposure Mode Failed - Insure Camera is Connected".  Map Pilot stops the upload process and won't launch the autonomous mission.  Yet the camera is clearly connected because I can shoot IR JPG's manually. 

Am guessing there is some kind of setting inconsistency between the Map Pilot app and the DJI GO setup for the  bird. I have the mode switch at 'F' on the controller. 

Suggestions welcome!   Thanks.............. Bob R


Robert Russell

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I think that's exactly the problem.  Further research found that the XT-R camera isn't listed in the selection choices in the app.   Looks like I'll be using Capture for this mission.  MME Pilot is still my preferred choice, but guess not for this job. 

Thanks for the info........... Bob R.

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