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Editing photos before uploading to maps made easy

Hello guys,
I've searched and read all I can find on the issue but I didnt see any recent posts. Like all the others I've had trouble uploading edited images even though I've tried to maintain the exif metadata. I've been doing this with jpg files but ideally I would like to shoot raw if possible... one step at a time so lets start with jpg editing.

Is there a guide available which explains a workflow with Lightroom, Bridge, Adobe camera raw, Photoshop etc, that will preserve the exif metadata?

The first time I tried this MME gave me a warning but allowed the upload and processed the images. Since then it will not allow me to upload.

Thank you!

Bob Lewis

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I don't think there is a guide.  I've personally edited files prior to upload in Fastone and I know someone that regularly pre-edits in Acdsee successfully.  I was able to edit in LR and have it work but it is fussy.

You could also use Exiftool to apply the exif information from the original files back on to the edited files.

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