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Multiple Photo Messages in Log


in version 4.1.8 the log seems to have an increasing number of /Photo added for each flight in the mission, after each battery change.

So for example the fourth flight of the mission is showing the following;

The first flight shows the following;

is there any reason for this?

Kim Gouldstone

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Does it always do it throughout that whole 4th flight or is it just in parts?

When it says 'Photo' that means that Map Pilot told the camera to take a photo during that 1/10th of second update. It appearing 4 times means it tried to trigger it 4 times in that 10th of a second. The first 3 attempts failed so the app kept trying until it said it would take a photo. The line that shows the filename is what file got created on the previous 'Photo' mark.

It is likely that the SD card is starting to get more full and is taking slightly longer to write the images to disk. 

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Flight 2

Flight 3

Also getting this variation for a flight 3

It seems to be doing this for every flight and pretty much the same for every photo.

I can send you the logs. but different cards, and different X4s camera so must be a software issue.

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Thank you for your thorough reporting. We were able to find an issue and have addressed it. It will be released in the next version, 4.1.10, which we hope to release this week. 

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