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Stupid Question Time - Interpreting colorized scale on elevation maps

I've search all through the help section. Maybe I'm not using the proper search terms. That said, hoping I could get a definitive method of interpreting the colorized elevation scale at the bottom of elevation maps. It always shows negative numbers but I'm not below sea level. Is it reflecting the distance between the drone and the ground below?? This mission was flown at 200 AGL. I simply find this confounding. I'm humbled....

Thanks in advance...


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Curvature of the map aside (which we have discussed via email), the negative numbers are due to your mapping very near sea level and relying on the GPS derived altitude values in the EXIF tags. If you were to provide a ground reference image at the time of upload the altitude of the images would be adjusted to reference the elevation of the takeoff position instead of relying on the GPS derived numbers for altitude which can be 100s of meters off.

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