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Mapping error - unused images

A map I processed today has given some strange results.
(DJI optimised workflow used)
Overlap report clearly shows the image locations and a visual inspection of a couple  of the images in that area shows images with .plenty of overlap.

What am I missing?


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We are sorry to hear you are not happy with your results. All of the images were received and processed. It looks like you had mostly overcast skies while you were collecting that data but for one pass of it the images were super bright and sunny which caused the features in the adjacent images to fail to match. The main part of this occurred around images 152-156. The lighting got weird a couple of other times too right around that same area. It is important to have consistent lighting so the features look consistent between other neighboring images.

We will provide a one-time refund since you haven't needed one since signing up right when we started! I have seen a user number that low in years! Thanks for the support. 

You might be able to take out some of the weird images and save the job. Try running it at quarter resolution to save on points. If it works there it should work on the full resolution. 

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