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Odd Pictures using Mavic Air

I've been using Maps made easy to stich pictures taken using a {phantom 3 pro, for the first time I used a Mavic Air, and the 3 maps i tried were odd, the first ones were not complete only a part of the map was stitched, and the last one looks like taken with a fish eye lens, are my settings wrong or the problem is with the dron camera?

Just the last part of the surveyed area was stiched

Fish eye look

Oscar Van Humbeeck

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The Mavic Air is fun to play with but isn't really suited to creating great maps. Low optical and sensor quality leave its images hard to process accurately. 

It is possible to get passable results by using at least 80% overlap between your images and slow your flight way down to minimize the Mavic Air's severe rolling shutter effects. 

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