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Only 192 out of 708 will select for upload

Hi All


First time needing to request help.  I am an infrequent user.  I am trying to upload a number of images for processing.  The images are on my local computer.  I select all 708 images, however only the first 192 are selected.  I have tried multiple times and in different browsers.  These are low res images resized to 1200px as a trial run.  The whole folder is 178mb 

Also I had to sign in with google to post this question as the website rejected my maps made easy login.

360 Imaging (360 Imaging)

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You can only select the amount of images that you have points to process. If it will only let you select 192 images you probably only have 770-ish points in your account (assuming a 20 megapixel camera).

The size of the imagery in megabytes does not matter in the pricing. We charge by the megaPIXEL of imagery. 1 point is enough to process 5 megapixels.

If you have scaled the images it may be calculating the points incorrectly depending on how you scaled them. You can email a couple of samples to for review.

This site is separate from (note the URL at the top) so it requires a different login credential. 



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