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SRTM data download

Dear all,

For research purporses we need to perform UAS flights with Terrain Awareness using Map Pilot and UgCS. Since we would like to compare the results, we need to upload in UgCS exactly the same SRTM data used within Map Pilot.

I try to follow the suggestion and link present in one of your publications  ( but I wasn't able to find, within the USGS web side, the correct SRTM to download (in order to be coherent with the one present in Map Pilot). 

The area that we need to scan should be included in the range covered by the "SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global" since is located in 45°50'50.4"N 9°38'05.5"E.

Could you kindly support us is identify the correct SRTM file to download from the USGS in order to be coherent with the one present in Map Pilot?

Thanks in advance.



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As noted in the Terrain Awareness article:

'We are using the "SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global" variant. This data is available in the USGS EarthExplorer system.'

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