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Should I use dropbox rather than uploading directly from my computer?

I have rather slow internet because I'm in a rural area and there are no better options. I recently set up a job to upload (180 images) and left the computer on overnight to do it's thing (about 7-8hrs). The next morning I noticed only 1/2 of the images uploaded with

the others failing to upload. Now, I've spent credits on a 1/2 complete job. I need a more stable way to upload images.

Mark Dale

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By all means, yes! If you are having issues using our uploader software you can try using the Classic workflow or use the DJI specific one by first syncing your images to Dropbox or Google Drive. We updated things recently to use a service called Filestack for our uploads but it hasn't been nearly as stable as we had hoped it would be. 

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