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number of waypoints with Terrain Aware

Flight for mapping logging operations. Over the map area there is about a 35 meter rise between the north end and the south end of the mission. If I use Terrain Awareness, I get a warning that the maximum number of waypoints is exceeded and the flight path will be shortened.
This is a multiple battery flight under ideal conditions and given the cloud cover we have been experiencing the flight actually took 6 batteries due to the UAV slowing for the light conditions. Not wanting to change the flight path length, I opted to fly the north end without Terrain Awareness and then the section from home point to the south with Terrain Awareness. Had no issues with maximum waypoints with this approach.

Question is how do you do a flight of this type with Terrain Awareness for the whole mission? With each battery change and flight path upload software asks to use or not use Terrain Awareness and after the first few segments the remaining flight path must have had few enough waypoints to allow Terrain Awareness use without flight path modification.

Other question has to do with default camera setting. UAV is Phantom 4 Pro and following MPP update it seems that the default setting is Phantom 4 Pro or Adv/X4S. When MMP detects the Phantom 4 Pro it lists the camera setting as incorrect and has dialog box to correct it. Assume it is setting to Phantom 3/Phantom 4 X3, but not sure. Exactly what should the camera setting be for an original Phantom 4 Pro, not the V2.

Great software!! THANKS!


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We have found that flying across a slope ends up using less waypoints and executes faster that flying up and down the slope a bunch of times. 

DJI aircraft hold 100 waypoints so you can't take off with more than that loaded. In almost all cases this is plenty because you run out of battery first but in the case where the terrain is super rugged it will likely need to come back and get more waypoints early. 

More rugged sections of the survey area will burn through the waypoints more quickly. You can see the locations of the waypoints on the blue line in the Terrain plot. 

The P4P and P4Pv2 have the same parameters for the camera so the flight spacing would all be the same. When the aircraft connects it will override what ever is set in the Settings. The aircraft/camera that is selected in the Settings is used when doing offline planning without an aircraft/camera connected.

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