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Manual Referencing - height error


I`m trying to follow manual georef process, I`m absolutely happy with new coordinates of the map but I have an issue with new heights. I`m setting marker height to 1634 for instance and get 1630 in the new map. I understand that my markers mostly located in the map center, but unfortunately - I don`t have any other trusted anchors.


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The shape that is created on the initial map processing is not changed when doing the manual referencing. X Y adjustments are made to make it line up. These X Y adjustments have a small amount of stretching/pinching that can occur to the image to get things to line up well. This is called 'Thin plate spline' adjustment. 

For the height (Z axis) only a fixed offset is added or subtracted to account for gross differences. The total error at all of the points is minimized but is likely not going to be zero. 

It is important to start with the best model you can get by using lots of overlap, 80% or so, and include a Ground Offset image with your uploaded data set if you can.

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