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Problems after battery replacement

I have been trying to map the same 90 acres all day long.  About half way through my first attempt my Mavic 2 Pro returned to home for a battery replacement and it i could never get it back off the ground.  The only two options I was given was Land and Stop.  Stop did nothing and land said it failed.  I couldn't choose upload or start no matter what I did.  Its like is was stuck thinking it hadn't landed or something.  I ended up deleting all my previous data and starting over only for it to happen again when my drone lost a propeller and landed.  Also I had trouble connecting the drone during battery changes.  It would go from connected to disconnected over and over. Please advise.  Its got to be easier than this???

Jason Perdue

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We are sorry to hear you are having issues. I can see some of your most recent flights in our Flight Sync system. It is important to allow the aircraft to land on its own while using the sticks to make fine adjustments. If you manually land it is important to switch the remote back into the programmed flight mode before it lands or the waypoints that are visited gets out of sync. There is a warning message to this affect. 

At any time you can override the first waypoint using this:

If there were issues with the connection is is usually best to power cycle the remote and the aircraft to get it to stabilize after closing Map Pilot and reopening it.

Hopefully that helps. 

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