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How to sync plans from pc to map pilot

Hi everybody,

Is possible to build a plan using maps made easy and send to map pilot business?

An other thing, if is about the business account. A long time ago i bought the license and now i´m have trouble to use the license, because is showing the i need to use a login. I´m using the same log in in map pilot app and is not showing that is validate.


Can you help me?

Ricardo Scott

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Currently the only way to design a Map Pilot flight is within Map Pilot. We may add an online web based layout tool at some point. 

We do not have "business accounts". We offer Map Pilot Business which is a version of Map Pilot that has all of the features included in the original price with no optional feature purchases to be made. 

With Map Pilot Business you do not have to be logged in to use it (like you do in Map Pilot LITE). To use certain features though you do have to log in with your Maps Made Easy credentials. 

I can see that your account has been making data requests so you likely already got this figured out. Good work!

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Thank you so much Zane,


I will figure out how to do. Probably i had some issues here

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