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Map Alignment


not sure why this is happening. My maps seem to be consistently just a bit off with the underlying map images. 


Steven Sanborn

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There is a big question here: which one is right? We aren't saying that ours is more accurate but we can't tell you (and neither can anyone else) how accurate Google Maps is in any specific location. 

We can't see your flights in our Flight Sync system but have a few questions about how the data was collected. All of your jobs have pretty minimal overlap or inconsistent overlap which doesn't help. 

Collect you data in a regular grid with 75-80% overlap in both along track and across track directions (as noted in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload). This will give you the most accurate results. With trees like you have you will need to use 80%. 

If you want things to align perfectly with the map you can right click on a few obvious locations and make some GCPs with the coordinates and do this:

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