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hole in map from missing photos.

Hello, I'm hoping you can clear up the problem i'm having with my map.  I tried to upload 2500 photos, but it looks like only 997 in the overlap report.  I am a new user so I wont be surprised if this is my mistake but I would like to fix it or improve it for next time.


It looks like no photos were uploaded for the top 2/3s of the map.  I know I have the pictures, and tried to uploaded them but not sure if they made it or what?


I would be happy to provide any other pertinent information.

Public link:


Trevor Lyons

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It looks like all the images were uploaded (999 uploaded, 997 included in the outputs. The appropriate number of points were charged for a job of that size. If you had a lot of upload failures caused by the computer falling asleep or poor quality internet that could explain the loss of images for processing. 

It is important to monitor the upload process to make sure things are getting uploaded properly. Cancel out of the upload by leaving the page before the upload completes to cancel processing so no points are deducted from your account. 

We will provide a one-time refund for upload related issues. The data will have to be completely uploaded again as one complete group. Please make sure to monitor it for successful uploads.

FYI: If you want to distribute the public link you need to make sure the 'Public Hosting' checkbox is enabled. 

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