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Map Pilot in Class D airspace

I make maps of solar farms in red no fly zones next to prisons. One site in Chino Hills, CA also has a Class D air space over my map area.  I can get LANC approval if notified 48 hours in advance to make my flights. I made one map there and it worked by first loading the no fly zone license key into my Phantom 4 pro through the Go 4 app then closing it and taking off with drone pilot.  But it stuck in the air right at the most northern tip of my map and gave me a message entering class D airspace.

I got my drone back by pushing go home and changed the battery and took it back up and got the map completed.

Later I found a button in the drone pilot software settings for turn off airspace ? something.  So I turned that off. Will this allow me to make flights in Class D airspace in the future with my LANC approval at this site in the future with out getting stuck in the air?  I did have Go 4 app running in the back round but I think that was already cleared for the class D.  I realize now that I need to turn off DJI Go4 app before using map pilot

Paul Werner

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I wish we could be more helpful here but we aren't sure. This system seems to be changed all the time. There are definitely airspace types that DJI does not allow for the use of waypoint flight like we use. You can fly manually, but not under waypoint control. 

The no fly zones get loaded into the aircraft and you can log into your DJI account through our Zone Control system but there will still be areas that you just can't use waypoints. 

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