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App is crashing

I purchased yesterday the app, but app is crashing when i want to make the flight plan,i have an ipad air 2. I'm very disappointed

Taribo Andrei

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This is a known problem that we have a update submitted for. You have three options: update to iOS 13 which you will have to do at some point anyway, wait a couple of days until the fixed version 4.1.4 comes out, or get the Business version from the App Store which is on 4.0.8 and will work with older devices. 

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When will we see 4.1.4 in the app store?  I have yet to see it. 

The recent changes to the software / iOS have basically made MapPilot unusable.  We can't complete even the simplest of missions anymore.  We have been flying the Matrice 210 with Zenmuse X5s for about 3 years now with this app on an iPad Air.   The linear missions and terrain following features are what set it apart from other apps.  Sure there have been a few glitches, things break then get fixed etc.  We have evolved with you and this rapidly changing technology thinking the benefits outweighed the burden and occasional issues.  

But this seems different now.  It has never been this unstable for so long.  

I do not accept it being because of an older iPad. When I run the same app on a newer iOS 13 platform and get different issues but the same instability.  Also I see that other apps such as DJI's Ground station pro does not have the same stability issues on the older iPad

Leaves me wondering about the future of this product and if it can be counted upon.  

Greg S. Gloor. PLS




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It was submitted on Tuesday and is usually approved within 2 days. I think there are LOTS of app fixes being submitted right now.

We had one of our biggest releases every with 4.1 and it poorly coincided with the iOS 13 release which was changed significantly after the preview releases that we tested against. The perfect storm.

If you need an app that can be counted on I would suggest using the Business version of Map Pilot which only gets the most stable releases. 

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