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Support question- Map not showing complete and 3D flat

Map not complete, a large corner section in a diagonal not included, and map photo capture diagram indicates many shots captured in this section. In addition, the 3D image appears flat. This session consumed more points (number of pics) than previous sessions on site and not representative of what was captured. 

Zane, file is CrtBld 120719. 
Didn’t want to repeat and forfeit another 600 pts. 


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Thank you for asking first and not just running a potentially bad data set over again. You wouldn't believe how many people just submit the same data over and over and then want a refund when it doesn't turn out... What's that definition of insanity again?

You used 80% overlap and did a full grid mission which means that everything is basically covered 50 times. That is way too much overlap. The southern portion that didn't turn out well was covering an area with lots of motion in it. If you have 50 images of something but they are all different the system has a hard time locking on to features to reconstruct the scene. 

We will grant a one-time refund for this. The job will likely turn out fine if you just use half of the data (one set of passes, not the cross passes of the full grid). 80% is fine for that survey area. 

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Zane, thanks for info and one-time offer while I learn the processes.
Question, this has been my flight config multiple times for previous flights. I had decided to use the full grid due to the utility shed (2 story structure) was turning out very poor and melted in 3D. Maybe it's a problem due to too many or too much overlap? I was assuming "more is better".

On the current project, you mention to grab 1/2, not the grid. Once collected as a batch, other than guessing and visual review of photos, is there a method in MME to select only a defined part of flight collection... like the 1st half before starting the cross grid... or to see what image number ends the rows before grid?

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