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Freestyle Mapping

I will appreciate if anyone can share the outcome/accuracy of a mapping data set which has been flown manually i.e. without a programmed Map Pilot mission?
Whilst the flight will adhere to a pattern, with flown grid lines and a frame rate which provides sufficient overlap, the track lines might not be 100% straight and if the camera is not gimbald, with a slightly wavering capture angle, will Maps Made Easy still successfully do the stitching and make a map?
Thanks in advance for any input. Cheers.  

Steve McCurrach

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Free flight almost never turns out well. You either end up getting too much overlap or too little. Consistency in the overlap is important to getting evenly reconstructed results. 

This is not to say it can't be done but you are much better off using an app to do all the math to manage it. 

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Grateful thanks for you input, and whilst I hear you w.r.t. dodgy results, I am encouraged by your "This is not to say it can't be done" and I must at least give it a try.
I fly my own light sport aircraft and I will manually plot out a small grid, to be flown manually and then see how MME copes with the processing. I am keen, because MME's variety and quality of outputs is really attractive. I previously did woodchip stockpiles, using Agisoft and it worked, but with output imagery nowhere near as nice as MME's.
I will keep you informed. Thanks again. Cheers.      

Steve McCurrach 0 votes
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