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Gimbal error


When im connecting my Phatom 3 pro to the app on the ipad.


I get a error message when i try to takeoff that gimball is not responding.


I can manualy controll the gimball with my radio, it have no problem tilting up and down.


Do you have any sugestion on how i can troubleshoot this?

Tom Andre Hjelden

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First, make sure that Map Pilot is the only drone app that is running. 

If that still isn't working you are best off trying to address the issue in DJI Go which has more diagnostic capabilities.

You can try to blow any grit out of the tilt axis which seems to be more susceptible to blockages. Also, give it a few manual rotations while the aircraft is not powered up to see if that clears anything out. Beyond that, you will have to contact DJI. 

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