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Incomplete paid 2d orthomosaic (missing images)

I have a processed map that is missing a large chunk of the data. I uploaded 329 images but the overlap report is only showing 148 rendered. The missing area shows red squares indicating images were captured but not processed. This was a paid processing job.

My first troublshooting route was thinking maybe they were insufficient overlap to be rendered but i have used the missing images for a test map processed with mapsmadeeasy and it has processed correctly as in images below. 

I just cant work out what has gone wrong... Is this something I've done wrong or has an error occurred? I would be grateful for any help!


Will Russell

Official comment


We are sorry to hear you aren't happy with your results. It looks like there were two separate adjacent missions involved here. Combining data from separate flights is always hard due to changes in lighting and shadows. We recommend having a couple of passes worth of overlap between them (not just having them abutting) and trying to match the lighting conditions as well as possible. 

The bigger issues is that the overlap report for the top section shows that the overlap was marginal at best, likely around 65%. Basically you got lucky that the top section worked on its own but when used in conjunction with other higher overlap data it wasn't consistent enough to be included. 

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