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Impossible to map due to lack of EXIF or XMP of data that ARE present in the files

Hello, I took 297 DNG pictures including one at altitude "0" as reference. all jpegs processed have the gps data including altitude (that varies image to image) I used map pilot app to get the photos. when I upload the image and then have to choose one of them to get the EXIF Geo references  infos in the test EXIF Tag, after upload one of the jpeg file used, the results tells me there is no data! 

it says : Camera : undefined undefined
Focal Length :No EXIF
Width Pixels :5464
Height Pixels : 3640
Location: No EXIF
Capture Date and Time: No EXIF
Relative Altitude: XMP not present. Unknown.
Estimated GSD: XMP not present. Unknown.

When I read that file in Adobe bridge or PhotoMechanics6 or send it to the site (tool.geoimgr) you refers, I got all info and the image is set to a point in the map!

I can read in the exif infos all requested infos : camera Model : L1D-20c and also 28mm f/2.8-11 (the drone is a mavic pro)
latitude and longitude : 48,36.3851N / 1,50.8034E and altitude :192,00 (in meters),

So, why can't I get these info read ? I don't want to loose 1200 point to get a bad result. Can you help me ?


christophe glaudel

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It sounds like maybe you imported the images using some imported software and that the data is not coming straight from the SD card. 

Please email us a sample image to so we can take a look. 

I am not sure how we handle this but the "latitude and longitude : 48,36.3851N / 1,50.8034E and altitude :192,00 (in meters)" part might be the issue. I think all numbers need to be specified with . as the decimal not commas. This is another reason why I think you may have had some software in between the camera and the upload. 

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It looks like these images were touched by some Adobe software (Photoshop) and some Mac importer software (Capture One) first based on the images you sent. You can use other software but you have to be careful not to allow that software to modify the tags if you want to use Maps Made Easy. 

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