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Tips/help for mapping a new jetty

Hi, I'm working on the construction of a new jetty and demolition of the old one. I'd like to get some maps done showing progress over the coming months, and was hoping for some tips.

the 1st one I done is actually ok for the purpose of showing progress but could do with being sharper at the water/jetty junction, and I also have a large crane to deal with (25m height). I flew at 60m

I have no expectation of a 3d model, just looking to get the sharpest map I can

paul clarkson

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Working around water is always hard. You might better off with some light cloud cover. You could also look into using a circular polarizing filter to deal with some the surface reflections you are bound to get. 

Everything we do starts as a 3D model first so the motion of the water is really hard to deal with. 

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