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only half of the images were uploaded for a map

I paid and processed a map, but only half of the images were uploaded because for some reason they were in two files on my SD card...I wasn't aware that the map pilot would use two files... One was for the first two batteries, and one was for battery three, which is a little strange... Maybe I missed this in the documentation?

Now I can't add to the finished map... I paid for the map to be made with points, and don't want to delete this map and pay again to re-do the entire map... Can a have this map deleted and refunded, and then re-do the entire map? Or is there a better solution?

Not sure what to do now as I would like to deliver the map, but cannot deliver only half a map...


Michael Lowe

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Map Pilot doesn't have any control over what folder image files get written to on the SD card. This is all handled internal to the camera and depends on how you have it set up in DJI Go. Sometimes it will overwrite the files or it can go to a different folder. Some cameras only have 3 digits for image numbering and others have 4.

This is why we generally recommend starting with a freshly formatted SD card.

There is no way to add images to a job that has already processed since all images need to be present at the time of processing.  

We also highly recommend running some smaller free jobs first to learn your way through mapping and learn how the system works. For specific account related questions it is better to email instead of posting something that no one else can see the data for in the forum. We will grant a one-time 50% refund for file management related issues. Also, you overlap looks a bit thin. You will want to up it on future flights. 

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