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Reliability of app

I have read some review that says the app skip pictures a lot of time.  Is still still the case and if I buy it and it does skip pictures, will you refund me.


Yves Branconier,eng.

Avantage 360

Yves Branconier

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If the app is skipping pictures it is because the SD card is either not a genuine card and the camera cannot write to it per the DJI spec or the aircraft may be flying faster down wind which makes it trigger faster than the camera can support. 

You can turn the SD Card Write speed down in the settings to make sure it has enough time to write the file to storage. Or fly slower. Or fly higher. Or... There are a ton of ways to slow down the imaging.

Also, depending on the mode the app is using, Active Connect or Connectionless, the files may actually be on the SD card even if the dot doesn't get drawn on the map. 

Short story: A lot of the reviewers should probably ask a question in the forum or ask a support email instead of just filling out a review and confusing people.

We do not sell the app and cannot provide refunds. That is between you and the App Store. 

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