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How to use Qgis to make tfw from geotiff

How to use do I use Qgis to make a tfw world file from a geotiff image?  I found some instructions from Propeller Aero but they don't exactly match the version of Qgis I just downloaded.  I came up with something but looking at it with a text editor it looks like it's in the right format but I suspect the values are way off from what they should be.

I'm trying to insert one of my geotiff images from mapsmadeeasy into Carlson software using the geotiff comand in their GIS module and can't get to work.

Ron Anderson

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The GeoTiffs the system creates already have all of the georeferencing data embedded in it and most softwares will recognize it as it is. 

Using the 'Translate' step in QGIS may be a little different in each version but it usually shows you the raw command that is going to be run at the end. You want to add "-co tfw=yes" to the end of the command and it will rewrite the file with a world file. 

All the world file really does is give a center point and a scale to the pixels. 


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