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Distortion in map processing

Hi Dear!

I`ve an issue with my past 3 jobs on mapsmade easy, it`s looks like part of images were unprocessed and resulting map have heavy distortion (it may be a result of reflection from mirrors on the roofs) but one map have no mirrors (please see screenshot attached) and it has strange line blurs everywhere on a map (see second screenshot)


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Mirrors are going to be impossible to process. As noted in our Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload: 


Avoid Sun Glare and Highly Reflective Surfaces

You shouldn't stare into the sun and neither should your camera.

Even the best cameras have a limited range of brightness they can capture. When an area is too bright, it washes out all of the detail and makes that area lack the detail needed to reconstruct the scene. The roofs of large buildings and wet pavement will often be too reflective to capture properly. This can be dealt with by mapping at a different time of day in which the sun will not be reflected directly into the camera.


I would say mirrors are pretty reflective and are bound to cause issues. 

Your overlap is also far too low especially since you are using a Mavic Pro which usually requires more overlap to get successful results, not less. 

There were also a number of images that included the sky and the horizon in the data set. This too is warned against in the Data Collection guidelines. 

I doubt you will ever get good results using photogrammetry when looking at a field of mirrors. 

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Zane, thank you for your answer but this particular case (on a screenshot) have no mirrors in a map center, where most distortions are. I can try to recalculate this map without any mirrors near boundaries. But overlap for this one was 75/75% so it was strange for me why overlap report giving such strange results. 

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The area surrounding it is what caused the issue and the whole model was thrown off from there. 

It is possible the overlap report is off a bit due to the weirdness of the model caused by the mirror. You should consider 75/75 the bare bones overlap you should use for the Mavic Pro. Complicated jobs will need more. 

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